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My cat is interesting

I was eating something

A burger with egg and Rucola and like

It was begging for food, so i presented it a piece of rucula, which it ate

Then i put a bit of egg on the floor, bc like it ate the salad, it must be really hungry

It did not touch the egg

Like the cat was outside for like a week or something doing something and like came back today, like i said, it does not like my non meat food, but apparently it likes rucula

Like its a outside cat, it may get fed by everyone around, eating mice or nothing

Like it rained today, so it probably came by to wait out the rain and sleep a bit in my clothing basket, and now its outside again

It may just have been shocked by how bitter the rucula was:P

Like she has a water bowl, so like she can come when she wants to and like sleep a bit without being disturbed, drink a bit, maybe get some pets and be on her way again

Sometimes she sleeps the night on my bed, but i usually move too much for her liking

Like i like low noise, low light environments

The cat seems to vibe with that too

Like there is a 5000w music thing in this room, i rarely use it

Like the sound quality is great, but like the small noise of it running in the background that the receiver box makes is annoying me, like

Like most ppl wont even notice it, its in the level of a small laptop running, and behind the noise of the music, but its still irritating me

Like i will go out of my way to darken the small leds on stuff to get rid of the stray light

Like thats how you end up with browsers without ads, bc you removed all the stray data