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Magic coins

Basically allow you to ignore social insecuritys which hold you back

Break all social patterns

And build new structures and rooms quickly

Its basically a social exception to use the manic state of creation

Which allows you to shift patterns like mad

Normally you would have to pay for that

Equivalent exchange

But in this case, you can trade a coin for it, and dont have to take the aggravation onto yourself

You get them from the other side

The psychedelic side

They are not liked in a lot of systems, bc they can really fuck up a structure

So you need to watch out,

But generally they are great to do stuff

Like with my fever

You change some small patterns, and you get like real life consequences

Imagine shifting a lot of them, and a lot of big once

You must be quite made, with a serious death wish to use those

Its like albert hofmann

He is so famous, bc he was a mad man

Chemists have a short life expectancy, so most try to be overly cautious

This guy was using cyanide and

Something called a bomb, which is a highly preasurised chamber

Like its looking at potential death and going

Lets go and die with some force, i will die anyways

Its like the willing acceptance of death and suffering

Its a christ archetype

Life has value bc of death,

So the more you accept death the more value life gets

Its like that guy who was fighting in ww2 with a sword and arrow

Like he was just jumping into enemy camps anihalating them

Like it completely fucks the normal patterns

Like you are a in a war with guns

Suddenly there is a guy with a sword, where you would never expect a enemy, in the most dangerous place, like he went there, knowing that

Like its completely fucks the perception of expextations and leaves open a timeframe of

Wait what

But till you realised whats happening, that guy with the sword will have killed you in his manic state

Its a really interesting tool

Like it works, but it seems completely irrational and like pure magic

It hinges on

Ppl thinking they know what will happen

But reality is a lot stranger and has a lot more wiggle room than you expect

Like, how do you know your money will he worth something in a week

Its just a coupon backed by the state, you traded for time, with the promise

This is worth something

It might not be

We need those assumptions to have a working society

But underneath that, anything can happen at any moment,

And psychedelic tools do that extremely well, they just change patterns

Like if the territory is different than your map, then thats your problem, not the territorys

So if you cange the territory enough, and fast enough ,

Ppls maps become useless, and you are one of the only pll that know whats going on

Like smart ppl will refresh their maps quite rapidly, but a lot of ppl will get affected by that exploit

Even if you can only distort it for a second, that will give you enough access without any sort of defense to do all sort of things