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We had this moment where he got the idea that i just think video games are bad

Which like, who do you think i am

So he baught up the video game study

And like i obviously had read the study and not just the hearsay

So i replied with more detail

Like in the direction against his point, but with the hint that i am willing to let that fall under the table

Like i am a furry, we fall deeply for fiction and its depiction

Its not the gaming that irritates me, its the inconsequential attitude towards his actions

Like its a mental system controlling him without his will, bc he has partly repressed it from the unconscious

Like u wanna do that, then do it, but do it well

Its like gambling, like u can be totally addicted to gambling, but if you go

Yes, thats what i like, i need to get more into this, and like keep your books about your bets, and like calculate your chances and pick the best one, like you are doing the same thing, but like better

Also if you wanna gamble, you can align your life to make more money for gambling, like that can be what you do

Like both directions work, towards and away from it, but that in between state is shit

Like as a artists advice, weaponise your weirdness, dont hide it, use it to its full potential to gain a edge

Also like, you expext the transgender diaper little drug, fetish artist person with morals beyond good and evil to judge you bc you are playing a lot of video games?

Like most competent ppl dont give a shit about shit

Do whatever but do it well, or at least try