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Lets see

What salesfox is doing

Like i can bet he has not done a single thing

Probably playing games

Like i dont get it

He is so addicted to games

But like in this loop of

Oh no i am soo addicted

Like yeah, double down on that

Like you have something with a strong motivation in place, focus more on that

Like you will ignore everything for that, like then do that with full force at least

Whats that swaying between i like that and i shouldnt?

Like if you go full force on that, you will have to align everything else too

Like if your like, i want to be living from that, like thats a obvious step, like that needs you getting organised and like having other stuff done, so you can focus more on that

Like all the small stuff thats getting lost right now, will be aligned if you are not constantly fighting against yourself

Like take me as a example

As soon as i am doing what i feel i like, i am doing great, but if i am not there, bc i need money and work or something, like things get quite dark quite quickly, things just fall apart, bc i am not where the motivation is.

Like its not a follow your dreams blindly, its a follow them with full force and do whats necessary even when its hard

Like my situation is different, bc i am doing like 10 things

Like i would need to die for things to stop, or like at least the restriction stuff i made

Like my stuff is self aware of itself, with measures on the system itself

Like there are multiple meta levels

With the trans stuff going as deep as my physical body

That net off associated patterns will do its thing

Like my momentum will carry me even if i am not pushing

However, lets find out^~^