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Let me reiterate

My issues with mental ‘professionals’

If we knew enaugh about the brain to understand it, we would not have the brain power to understand it

Thats their core paradox

Their sales story/paradigm is

You are sick you need help

I use the older one

I am not sick i am exactly how i am supposed to be

Basically they get their access to ppl by their customers already looking for help, in combination with a appeal to authority

Which of cause is not working with me

Bc i am not looking for help

And like i set the metaphysical signs up

Which in this case say

“we sell healing, we are ‘experts’ “

So it would be odd if i would have a appeal to the authority to that sign


Like go away with your paradigm telling me i am beneath you, that wont help you

Know your stuff or dont

You little sales funnel wont help you


Like thats why i and them usually stay away from each other

Like we have no business together

I am the worst patient for them

Bc i know what i want and who i am

I want diaper drugs and making etc etc

I am me


But like now we are kinda forced to interact ~

Which of cause is massive trouble

Bc their tools and status kinda dont work

Which kinda questions what they thaught they were


Like a good therapist will be able to adjust

But most will just ~ not

Bc they are winging it, like most ppl

And hope things somehow work, they dont really understand all the stuff in their structure

Like everyone ontop of their field will automatically be aware of where its falling apart

But thats not a lot of ppl, the rest are neurotically clinging to the story of that structure

Which i question with my presence


I will probably use a custom build sona they can take apart and like play with

Like someone like that will not get access to my entire mind frame

They might dissolve theirs~