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Kill me

Trade 1 is orderd,

Trade 2 is in progess

Main is shifty, but okai

I want to get crucified

I got a person for selling t2

Like for sending the products

I am really a bitch rn, poor girl

I could really have been nicer

Told her ammount is dependent on price

I will get some other suppliers just in case, the prices get too shifty, but i actually liked their product, same issues as all others in the market, but if i do custom printing i can also talk about design,

I will send out lots of samples, and hopefully get a combined order next time, to get a better ammount, i dont like ordering that small~

Tomorrow is kinda free, and then i got the next appointment

Nah, tomorrow i may get my hair done, but thats kinda a moving position, i just have other things to do rn than to fix the politics in that, so i kinda let it play out however it develops :p

Either way

I am kinda in a down state rn in general,

My fluff is doing his best to keep me up, so i probably make it^~^

I regret not having removed the mink before sleeping ~ i should really do that

So tomorrow it will hopefully go up again~~^

Its me drinking energys, thats the problem, and i know it, i shouldnt, someone hit me please

I will ride out the low, and tomorrow suffer, or get out of it, we’ll see

Probably do some coloring to decorate the car inside ^~^