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This is working great

I have done things, which i did not think i would do today^~^

I am using calcurse as a calendar, which lets me take the tasks on my proj management tab and distribute it into days

Like i have everything done for today, thats new

Like i can do stuff for tomorrow, but like thats waaay better

Btw i use cli, bc its the same idea as instagram beeing so white

Attention just works great when there is nothing but what you are actually trying to focus on

Terminal, its just text, so you can just focus on the info your supposed to focus on

Also like, downloading something is great, its like a waterfall of text, its kinda calming to me

Like just

Btw having a pinboard was a great idea, its sooo great to just be able to pin stuff for later,

like just pin the entire envelope to the wall, done

Now, what do i do with my newfound time?

Like i am still out of stuff to watch

I could do something social

Clean a bit

Draw something

Like at least i can see how faar ahead i am when i do stuff from tomorrow,

I meed like i script which just goes

Here, i open all programs for you at once

Like in general

Things feel better now, a lot more stable and organised