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>~< inside

Today i am sleeping inside, bc let paint air out before you put it in a confined space ~

Its kimda odd, i have a urge to be able to move the house,

Like why cant i just take everything and move it, like i am used to it from the car

The more i am in the car, the more i come to understand, that beeing in a room makes me anxious, like i am trapped, like i cant move, like the possibilitys of the world beeing wasted

I finally want to say, goodbye to all the things from my old live and be travelling, monday i get all the heavy things from my apartment and then its going away from this place, i am so happy^~^

My dad is trying to sell me a room, but i dont want a room, like nothing against the room, but i made my decision, and every step i take into that direction turns out to be amazing

I am like really anxious about stuff from my old life haunting me, i hope, its over soon, and i am a free bird again

I still got to much waight in the car, i need to get rid of some things, but then its all looking good

I have a feeling, getting out of the range of my dad is good, like i get his anxiety and fear, like he is more fearfull than me, my mum is a wolf, but my dad, is like competent too, but fears more

I think i will center on my own again^~^

Like everything i do i know will turn out good somehow, i still get anxiety if someone i value fears, like, why do u fear, should i fear, what info do you have that i dont?

The answer is that info is a paradox of choice, so it cant be known, there are too many variables, but ppl fear, and relate that fear

There is so many possibilities i can go, and restricting and killing those, that will keep me in the area is really tiring, i will try to kill some tomorrow, like forget my mindset, finish unfinished and put a full stop, so i am able to travel rn if i want to, like the main thing is the weight, and getting the furniture from the apartment, after that, i will take a deep breath, forget everything again, dont go close to anywhere i can be inside and make vids in my fursuit, draw, have fun, be a kid and learn, meet some ppl, don’t worry as much