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iam dead

I did too much

Waking up at 5 gives too much room to do stuff

Like everything is going great, the website is developing

The miner is working

I applied to some jobs

I did nothing for the car parts, but i could get another block done

Actually i should do that, just to have it off my to do list

Still i am in a downphase rn

I am not writing ppl back

I feel like i accomplished nothing

I feel lost

I will probably put in pay pal and call it a day with the website

Like you can theoretically buy stuff, the prices are not there and stock is non existing, but those are small fixes


The website now has pay pal checkout, the stock is adjusted, and mail changed, i hope no one buys anything

But basically its a functional shop now, or at least should be

I never actually pressed the PayPal pay button

Now i eat dino nuggies and the world can be ignored ^~^



I somehow reduced my expenses again by using xmr as main

Like i got the crypto card to buy like normal stuff you cant pay with crypto

So its a preloaded card, without spending fees for like purchases

My weekly budget got 10%lower and i am spending it slower

Like the insensitives are different

Fiat, you want to spend and reinvest

Crypto, you automatically feel like holding, bc industrial digital revolution etc etv, so you dont want to spend it

Also like i can now clearly see what in my fiat account is monthly

Were just gonna take that money

Bc thats whats left on there

Like someone beeing able to take money out of my account, and me not having a easy button to stop it, still seems like such a design flaw to me

Like reoccurring payments already exist, like the technology is there