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I worked out my plans

I planed, and am currently writing with ppl from the area to have some social contact

Tomorrow i will do some things, and then in the evening, i will visit the beach and take a small break

Then i have a phase of actually meeting ppl

Then i carry on my business grab some money and flow to india to look at the night sky

Its a interesting story, i had a dream where i was asked”if i remember the stars in Kathmandu”

So i will go there and see if i remember ^~^

My internet is limited to gb a day, so no video uploading beside me having wifi

But i still make them, like today i made one

I will eat something and get to sleep, record a podcast episode

And tomorrow i start with getting eggs, and end with the beach^~^

I also have a full fuel tank again

A full tank is maybe 80 rn and gets me bout 800 km

So bout 0.1 per km

Bout 1 for 10 km

Bout 5 for 50

Bout 10 for.. I think i forgot a factor, this scaling seems improbable

I wish i had a graph~

But logic seems to hold


Lets do a proof


Bout M for 800

1 for 10

10 for 100

100 for 1000

100-20% && 1000-20%

80 for 800

Seems to be true^~^ god i love math and its perfect answer giving logic