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I will try

To give all the software projects to someone else

I just dont have the time, i put them on the shelf all the time

Then get someone for sending out the car parts

And if i have someone for that already, i can mix in the lsd sending bc thats the same position, but for different ventures

With that i should have 3 companys moving,  not counting each Software as its own

Lets see how that goes

Then i will talk to someone about a holding

I said it before, burocratic stuff is not my friend

Like u want me to register a new company for each project branch? How many companies am i supposed to have?

And if i try to blanket term them, i just end up with

Well whatever works

There must be some formulation for that, i can be the first person with this problem

I should do blocks

Like 1 company is doing shipping, 1 is doing bookkeeping, 1 is doing sales

And then i can build as many companies as i want with these company blocks

Then i dont need to register a new company for each new project

Like i need automated bookkeeping and like receipts between companies for that, else this will be a burocratic nightmare