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I will kill someone

I didnt know the time for the therapist, so i called its 8,30

Its 8 now,

My driving time would have been 40 min

The next one is in 2months

I will litterally kill someone

Lets get some drugs

I will buy the Hormones and they can suck a Rock

Like thats common practice, this is such a problem with therapists, that a market for that established

Fuck beeing a good girl, lets cause some mayhem on a fundamental scale

Let me just turn off all social fear for a bit

As faar as i know, the problem lies not with therapists, its a gremium that is making problems, and not giving enough spaces, which is their function, but they are in my way

Lets find out who and where they are, exploit them or dissolve the entire social institution

Dont misunderstand me, i will buy my hormones, but they are vogelfrei

This is phantasy, its not real, a joke.

Lets go to Amsterdam, and then to Portugal