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I will

Probably put the ai blog poster on the server just to have that infrastructure running

Like i then have a existing thread to Attatch it to

Like what happened is exactly what i meant with keeping myself happy

If i go down a mental hole, my infrastructure goes with me

So the goal is to prevent that and automate

Its like so great coming back to something and beeing like

That has a great vibe, i love that

This time i am using free bsd

I like the term

Berkley linux more^~^

It feels like what ubuntu server should be

Like its extremely robust and you can feel that while using it

Like its set out to have multiple hard drives etc

Port stuff etc

But like not on the confusing server level

On the simple os level

Like the more you go into the os, ppl actually understanding their stuff direction

The more the tools just get better

Its like

I expect my entire code base to like have a lifetime of like 5 years, bc like its python ~

There are a lot of libraries and moving parts, just bc the market is moving

But like c never changed much since like before i was born

So things there are quite stable, and like the best methods are already quite faar developed

So like if i port it someday, it will probably be okay for the next 40 years