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I was like

Having a dream where i was

Avoiding buying shipping envelopes, bc then its real

And then someone buys something i have to ship, so i ordered them~

Here is a artistic rendition

I did not flirt with this guy before, he has a girlfriend, but like he started it, in my dream

Actually, lemme just..

Thats better

Feels like i am doing commissions again, questionable flirting with customers and making money ~^~^~

You know i saw furrys doing business and was like

Aaah, those are my ppl:p

Like just having a marketplace to try stuff and like have customers your age, and also everything beeing playful was like

Yes, this is how business is fun

Like no one wants to do “grown up” business, all the rules just make everything boring, like it works without them just fine

Everyone is just taking themselves sooo seriously

Bc like owww scawwy money stuff

Like its hard to be serious when green cartoon otter is flirtingly offering you money for something

Like its actually fun to build a business in that environment and like try marketing and like do events etc

Like you couldn’t pay me enough for a sales job, but like i obviously love selling

Its like school, everything i did not listen to in school, i am now great at, bc i learned it myself and did not get bored to death by some teacher

Luckily i didnt listen that much and slept a lot bc i was programming at night

Its like schools are not bad, they are actively hurting ppls motivation to learn

They are not useless, they are harmful

At least for me

Like i did not care when they were teaching me bookkeeping even if it was relevant for my grade, now i genuinely love it

Like you are trying to explain something simple in a quite complicated way, without colourful pictures, and no option to just skip it when i get it, so even if i get it, i will still have to listen to you explaining it, even tho i get it?

Like did your printers run out of colored ink?

There is no insensitive for me to get it, when, i will still be stuck here, beeing told something i already get, the celling has more of my attention than you

Like that was something a teacher noted in one of my reports,

“Student is more interested in the celling than my lessons “

To be fair, they had cut out dots, like 1 cm by 1 cm, next to each other over the whole celling, which created a optical illusion, making trippy patterns

Dont blame me for putting up a psychedelic rug and saying i am distracted, like obviously i am:p

Btw that was before any drugs

Also like math, its something that builds on top of each other, you can just out a map of topics which are in the book as a overview on the first page, so you know what goes where and what builds on what, or

At least a flow chart if you still low on ink

Like you dont start building a car, go on vacation and then continue building the rest

Like i have the attention and memory of a gold fish, i have the book to see what was going on before, but those books are useless for that, like i dont need a in depth explanation, but like a top level overview would be pleasant

Takes 10 sec to google