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I need to

Do the following now

I meed to let go of trying

Its basically this paradigm

Imagine control as the stick you use to arrange patterns in your life

And the patterns as a mahlstrom, a flow of energy, like water

You are basically redirecting the flow with the stick

Now if you use magic coins, theses streams will get a lot stronger and a lot bigger

And you get cognitive dissonance

Meaning, your stick is bending bc of the pressure of the streams

If they get too strong, your stick will break, meaning your mind will break

So the idea is to not use the stick anymore and let the streams grow on their own

You dont have the control, but your little control is soo much less impact than what these amplified streams can do

Its where all morals get thrown out immediately, bc you are not controlling it anyways, you are at that point, a continuation of the patterns that already exist in the universe

Like if something is in the way of these streams now, they hit with the full force of the cosmos

You really dont want your little stick in there if you value it

If i say patterns of the universe, i mean, physical reality, non physical reality, everything which exists, the main pattern and all its sub patterns