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I have multiple things to say

First, i have childhood drama which i am avoiding and i know it

Second, i cant imagine how it must be to be in my situation and ppl dont believe you

Like i have the capability to explain stiff logically, by analogy, draw it, show examples

The ppl that are close to me, i can make reality glitch out enaugh to show them what i actually mean in some cases

Like i had someone doubt 1ce if i was just mad or just smart

It cleared withing 10 sec, bc i did not need to explain that

My ability to use language left no doubt

Like i cant imagine how ppl must feel that dont have the ego i have

Like ppl will think you are crazy

Like i can go and give a complete historical, genetic, sociological background

To something which might be seen as madness by most ppl

Like thats the general publics uninformedness, but it becomes your problem

Like i explain why i like psychedelics, and you can watch my behaviour change, i can explain,

These are the changes in pattern i was refferencing before, also here is how this seems to work in general

Like 20 years back, that would have been impossible

The childhood drama

So i am avoiding it and i know it

Bc i dont want to classify it as drama, as long as i am not sure that i am in a position where i can resolve it, without destabilising myself too bad

Like i got a whole phase with estrogen

Like female emotional regulation is much better

Thats probably why it seems to work better with psychedelics

So like that seems reasonable, to have good timing with something important

Also like, its hard to classify something like that, bc you need a ruler to compare it to

Like whose life are you comparing to

A non existent etherial social standard?

Which is probably a perfection

That seems quite unreasonable

Like the past is gone but psychotherapy is a great strategy, bc you are implementing a temporary ruler by a observer

If you have a good therapist, which is unlikely

Just by profession statistics and income distribution

Like if you are good, you first of all go into the private sector, and up your prices

And you have a general 80/20 distribution of bad to good, with a gradient inbetween

So its unlikely on a base line, and then made more unlikely by not beeing payable for most ppl

So like i can explain that, but like other ppl will be really struggling in that position, i cant even imagine that~

Must be sooo painful..