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I had a dream

Where i had a plan

Basically just setting up the infrastructure,

I am a bit torn between getting some labs and producing product in house, or relying on outside sourcing

I will have to go over this with whoever i appoint as head of trades

Like i would like to flood the estrogen market, just out of personal spite

And like it has been on my bucket list for a while now~


I am still considering which kind of wares, but i think it will be a mix or items which sell at a high rate, basically implementing a first layer of stability, and then i can expand

Main focus will probably be on increasing product novelty instead of only lowering sourcing costs which i surprisingly, dont see often in this market


In this not real dream, i also considered 3d printing weapons, like with the whole war going on, there is probably high demand,

But its probably territory of the existing market parties, and i would like to leave that territory to them and not infringe on that


I should not forget to make plenty of art on the way and fet into diapers again, like i tend to be forgetful

It needs a healthy dose of dyonisean energy^~>


For now its about getting a good start and making healthy relations in that new market segment

I hoped i could not get involved, but the universe seems to like me there for some reason ~

Lets see how it develops ^~^


For now i need 1 product with stable demand, with which i would like to enter the market

And i will be on the active lookout for good companions, i can fill the roles i need with^~^


This will hopefully keep me from beeing bored^~^ and solve the transgender annoyances, like money is great to solve things


Like i tryed to be a good girl and like focus on business with bad odds like it is presented in the rigged game to the public

Like someone fucked up some bigger system somewhere, which happened to get in my way and get between me and where i need to go

So now they will just have to deal with patterns echoing back

Like i will loose interest at some point and do something else, but like my patterns will continue to grow

Which will be their stuff to deal with then


Like flooding a market will certainly cause mayhem with uncautios ppl

But like ppl have their free will, like what our legal system is based on;)

Fortunately everyone is the same and no exceptions can be made

So someone intentionally doing something like that with full awareness is more than unlikely, one may even call it absurd, and even more laughable would it be that someone understands the implications of big social dynamics and their consequences

And it would be foolish to imply the whole thing was setup to be a pun, it would be foolish to imply someone would think that far, like we all are just thinking to next Tuesday, aren’t we^~^

But thats how dreams are:) funny

Lets see what happens, i am quite curious to see how my life develops ^~^


I will definitely have a look at the supply route via spain++

I will have to set up suply infrastructure

Like i will also have a look at the existing ones, and see if i can stabalise and expand them^~^

But like if i go e on market flush, i need my own route, to keep unit costs down, but thats only after i have done the calculations comparing, in house and outbound sourcing


Like i will do a checkup on the entire system, and like do maintenance

Like i am already there~

Like in the next dream^~^ of course

My dreams are quite strange and linguistics breaking, i apologise 🙂


Did i ever mention that with the transgender stuff

The state will have major problems identifying me, if things are not documented

Like they expect me to pay, for it, but it will be their problem, they are in the business of sorting ppl

I can just change and the ppl arround me will know, but the state will have major issues


Like they know this,

They dont just randomly pay ppls stuff