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I found the problem

With my economics

I am lazy and bored

Like if i have 20 and i need 40

Then i go and spend the 20 and get 40 new ones

Like i am already moving to get them, i dont want to move again to spend the rest of the 20

I need to come up with a solution for that

Like i pay myself with spending for moving and getting or making new money

Thats quite uneconomical

Like i can do that,but like i could use predefined rewards

Thats basically a ddlg dynamic~

Actually i already wrote a app for that:p

I make a wish list

I use the tracking cli program so i can get statics

Then things should be good

Maybe i write a new app for giving myself rewards

Like with a points system n stuff

And like saved links to instantly buy it

And like a condition that must be fulfilled

But like i need to do the math on that and limit it, else i will be doing all tasks, to get stuff,

But at some point i will not have the money and my system will collapse

So like, it needs its own budget

It should basically allow me to have a direct link to my psychological spending habbits, which i can adjust via code^~^