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I am worried

I am really worried about me beeing so tame rn

Things like this usually move sinus curve like

Its really calm, i smell a storm

Like i secure my whole system, i move out into different territory, i fix my emotional systems to take a lot of weight eg transgender, i Review my past actions, i put a diary into place for balancing

I dont know what i am planning yet, but it seems to be so interesting that i move beyond the borders of my country

Its so interesting to be me and watch me do things

For now i fix my stupidity and bitchiness at hand and be patient

Like if its what i think it is, then the bitchiness will be burning anyways, still, i should not leave it unchecked

Like every of these surface level systems will be burning with the entropy i anticipate

Lets see

And pray to anubis and ra

Btw i could use horus to fix the bitchiness