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Honesty really is a sublime tool

I just talked to the unemployment lady, bc like i dont have a offical job

I honestly told her, said that i am waiting what the therapists say, maybe they just take me out of the market, like they have the tools to do that officially

She was totally understanding and really happy i told her what was going on

And she told me she would have preasured me bc she would have thought i am not moving, if I hadnt told her^~^

Its like with my lsd charge

Like they send me a letter to come by and give my statement

The social thing spread is, dont go, you’ll only incriminate yourself, even on the general social main level

And thats true but like i was curious, i never did that, i dont know what that is and how dangerous it is till i tried it

So i went there, and they were honestly surprised that someone actually showed up once:Dd

The cops were so nice^~^ like i honestly told them and he helped me, and we wrote the statement together, like there is special wording for that and he really did his best to make it sound good, i like that person:)

And this charge could have gone waay worse, like that can go to the drivers license and there they will make you go to a seminar which costs thousands

My little fee was really amazing, i got nothing in my official work register document

Which could also happen

Like, if i wanted to, i could have gone lawyer, bc it was technically legal, and fought that, but the learning experience was worth soo much more

And like, if you fight that and they give you all those shit, you are gonne be bitter about it, i am happy i am still good with them^~^

Relationshipz beetween “criminals” and police seem to be so misunderstood, like the cartells give the cops little fish to arrest for their statistics etc

The Gouverment is keeping them illegal and profit margins stay as high as they are

To quote mc kenna

“i heared the cia is smuggling hash now”

“smuggling? They are unloading containers at dock 4:Dd”

The darknet is basically a fishing pond of the usa, to get their black money for their maybe morally questionable research, the public should know about

Like they are the only Gouverment allowed to fish there, they set it up in the first place

They let their illegal fish eat money, and then they fish for big money fish, to get money thats not in the offical books

Like states dont opperate inside of moral

They say this person is the enemy, so its okay to kill them

Thats still killing, thats the same immoral operation as killing your neighbours, but in this case you are a hero;)

It goes back to a basic misunderstanding of moral i think,

Morals are the best tools the previous generations left for us

The morals rn is us deciding, which tools we give to the next generation

Its a process outside of morals, that is waay more important, bc its about the going on of the species, so if you feel like you are a good person or not, right or wrong, has value, but less than that, a paradigm less

Like states are animals with a hundreds of years timeframe, they move in patterns of multiple lifetimes.

Can you imagine how often morals and conventions change in that timeframe? A lot

For example

Prisons are genetic selection machines/patterns,

They take you out of the game for x time to lower your chances of your genetic line propagating into the next generation

Ever wondered why the police etc are mostly farming off the stupid low level criminals?

This is a sub function of the big animal using a pattern to make decisions over multiple lifetimes

Ppl usually dont think at those scales, so the best they have is,

“that person did something wrong, so daddy(state) put them into the corner, better be a good girl”

And thats not ACIDental, like states frame themselves as a parental figure, bc the unconcious recognises that pattern, and the state automatically gets all the parental tools over you

And like thats not morally bad or good,

Thats a tool used, we are not in that morality on that level, maybe dont behave like a child and you wont be affected;)

Its a tool that works, and a lot of ppl still depend on, it has its place beeing there

Like i walk threw social systems like i do, bc my keyring makes a lot of experts drop their jaws, like i fix those systems, i have a reason to have those keys, but for most ppl, even one of those keys would be a death sentence.

Its like “this person will crack the locks of the system anyways, lets reward them for maintaining the system while they are there, at leat they will understand why these things exist and not carelessly destroy them”

Like the invisible sign thats hanging over a psychologist saying “we sell healing”

I make and maintain those

Also the linguistic tools they use, but like on a big af timeframe

So wherever i go with experts, i just shake my methaphysical keyring and its clear, i see exactly what they are doing, we can be honest, if you have a problem with something, i can help you a bit if you want to i have the aincent keys for that

Like we make those tools, but mostly lock the ppl using them out by encryption, so they cant fuck up the main structure of the tool

~man i am talking a lot today