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Here the deal

I am completely tired

I got my first amplifier

I need to meet some ppl, get some human contact

Make some money

Do the things i avoid

You will see me behave differently, now with the amplifier, its a completely new realm

If you havent noticed, i am using the phases of my life to compose a art piece

My internet is only available sometimes now, mybe more need to test

I made great videos and images of Amsterdam at night

Was a hell of a day

In short, arrived, found a free parking spot

Looking for a amplifier shop for 2 hours

Talking to some drug dealers and other ppl

Getting really frustrated, at the point of crying

Buying chilli cheese nuggets and asking for the way, like the 10th time but getting a answer

Getting amplifiers

Driving and now i eat and sleep

Tomorrow i actually do things^~^

Sorry to everyone writing with me, i am kinda figuring that out with the Internet ^~^