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Here is the plan for the online stuff

I brand the website with a sona

Name Amelia

Sona A cute verson on Mina

Have a theme of stuffies and generally calm things

I reprase my travels with a creation myth

I will sell designs i have

I may write some books and poems, may make a rap/electro/gagga song, but i like ragga with rock harmonic rock guitars, thats kinda specific

I put my values into different things, memes, comics, designs, art

I will try to have these core value content rotating for a bit, like memes rotate too and repeat

I will experiment with differen writing styles and personas,

I want something thats cute and understanding, but can be really evil

The girl from shaman king, like with the red headband, just give me what she has, with kindness

Like i want the 4th dimension on that conversation with the public, i want to habe the possibility of using a exemption key there for maintanance of the persona^~^

That will probably be in b arround friday,

I really need a calendar, i would prefer to use the real calendar like thats siting on the moon cycles, the church changed it for easter to be On the same day every year, like they just deleted years:Dd

Thats a psychedelic action if you ask me;)

Removing years

But like then i am completely out of sync with the rest of the world

Same with multi cyclic sleeping, you have waay more time in your day, but are also completely out of sync

I am still working on the connection tho

Like i have massiveley new, but i also need something familiar for the sales pitch magic to spread threw the system

By creating that coincidentia oppositorum, that sorta dualism,

I need something familiar for the audience

I know, i need a archetype

I can use the adventurer, the traveler, but i need to watch that, that could go out of hand easily

Maybe something more stable, but in its form, by plato™, i like it

The magician is also a good one

A magical travelling fox girl

I can use a multi tail refference ^~^

Oki, so i need a tragic backstory for the sona and a noble goal

You see why i like working with fursonas for changing personality 😉

Lets use the female fears,

And use love and beauty as a goal

Ahh i see where girls get lost with beauty, its not the make up beauty, its the i look at a panting beauty, hm

Great then we get started with


A magical fox Adventurer

She came out of a abusive relationship with a guy she once loved. She has lost contact with her friends and is living in a new city due to moving in with him

The call to adventure was a dream, and him cheating

Her goal is to share beauty and love in all forms

She is looking for beeing understanding

I would also like a deep sadness in that, like

A internal conflict between responsibility and sacrifice <~

And thats how you change how the world sees you and you yourself see you and develop towards^~^

She will probably try to get in a flow which lets her forrget that and emotionally get over it, so she goes on adventures, looking for something which she deep in herself knows is found in herself and not in the world

So she has a conflict where she learns about the world and makes that realisation, that the way to go is to help others and share

Thats a moral fable if i have seen one^~^

She also needs a shadow that is her