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Head of trades

This is the first ticket i will fill

I am looking for a specific kind of person

The salesman addicted to making money

I met someone like this once and its a bliss to work with them

Like i am good with setting up systems, but i am too nice for selling a lot of the times

So i generally vibe pretty well with those ppl

Like they want to sell

So they see the value of someone supplying them with workforce and product upgrades etc, establishing trade routes, counter recon

Like someone interested in pure money, for the sake of money

Like their phone is on 24/7

They will get you anything you need

Like the constant running i am too bratty to do~

Like i give them the oppertunity to establish a system of trade, with lending, etc etc

Basically lifting them up a bunch of levels

This is the archetype

Creative ppl and money ppl, are the same generic line, so this will probably be a lot of fun^~^

Like normal business is often too slow for them, its the same as with me building systems,

They want it to run 24/7,like things should be moving

Like every company wants those ppl, but they know when they are offered a bad deal

So like i dont really care about money, i want to flood the market bc its fun^~^

So they basically have free hand

Like those ppl will never work for you, they will only work with you