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Can i just give a shout out to my grandma, like

I am trans, and i dont have a reason to bring that up, like i always did what i did, its not a new pattern

But girl just accepts me like a queen

Like i didnt say something, but she obviously knows

Like she is giving me recepies, but not the “heres how you bake a cake” i mean the

“if you bake the chicken like that, you get a sauce out of it, and chicken, and and..”

Its like

“oh yes i see how valuable that information is, i am so grateful^~^

Its the good recipes, that are time efficient and do multiple things at once and make something really fancy and tasty

Like YES! Thats my shit

All my love to that girl, you are amazing

Like i dont really care about me beeing trans, like i am in that area bc i am travelling threw, so might as well explore it, like trans is a TRANSition state, like.

I care more about female, but if you female, you dont really care about female, you are just female and do things as that

So i enjoy and explore the travel routs, but there is no special thing for me to be there

Like some paths are beautiful and some are ugly, but its the landscape, not the path itself that is that~

Like i am synesthetic for social and psychological structures and systems, obviously i will be attracted to the female system with its intrecatly build structures

It’s like when girls talk, they are more, painting a landscape of patterns and rythms than convaying information

Its like singing on ayahuasca, a language that is more art than information

As a artist and all the before mentioned, like of course i am interested in beeing female, if that means i can look at those cool structures, and also make some

Like yes pwease ^~^

Like that path took us a long time to build out, to make that kinda jump possible, there went a lot of money, technology and exploring into that direction

Like most ppl cant even see that, but its such a beautiful coral reef that was built over such a long time, its quite impressive from a distance, lets see how it looks upclose

Like by doing that, i am automatically in girl territory, no matter how i shift it, so might as well go there all the way, seems like a good place to be for me~

But like i could probably not explain that to most girls even, bc a lot of girls just use that system and dont know the substrukture, so they dont even know what i am pointing at, especially the thousands of year old entirety of the structure

Like some girls know exactly what i mean, but most will just know a small part from the tools they have used themselves