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So i was planting my spices in the growbox, when my grandma dropped by to see how my general cleaning is going

So like we talked and she gave me a book

Like girl gets me

Like there are a lot of those books, most shit, and like she also knows that and was like, this is a good one, and it really looks like a good one

Like its a church one, like churches are good with that stuff, they know their plants, like they had hundrets of years to test stuff, and enough patients to make mistakes

Like i am a bad chemist, but a chemist, like i have nothing against chemical treatments, but i also like the plant based ones

Like a healthy mixture of both

Like a lot of headaches go away with drinking water and fresh air, like the chemicals work, but most times it would be overdoing it

Also like, girls kinda will have cramps and stuff, so its a great idea to be the person that can help with that