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My next challenge is food, currently i am spending about 10-15 per week

I buy:


A block of cheese


Smoked meat

Whole Sausage

I got some spices, i can really recommend oregano, it makes a huge difference

Also i got noodles and rice by the pound

Cooking is basically chemistry, but the ingredients dont kill you if you breath the air, so thats a advantage :p

Btw female whiches~herbs and chemistry~ and females socially using the kitchen is a interesting connection, most females tend to not be aware of

So what i am looking for must be:


Versatile (like flower can be used to make like a million things)

Doable without a oven

Not going bad easily/ good storage


There are experiments going with getting something where you take extracts and saturate a medium with it, or whole meal shakes, but these all kinda seem to have the same problem

We dont really know how food works

Its like the mdma rout discussion

Is there a difference in end product effects between doing a whole extraction from sassafras, or is the new pmk rout the same

Heres a paper about it


Like ppl obviously gravitate towards the pmk, bc its a less step synthesis and you dont work with mercury

But the question in the room is more a spiritual one

In my mind, it probably makes a small difference, bc by going the longer route you collect a lot more side products, and assuming you do a clean recristalization, there wil still be traces left, which may change the effects.

It would be foolish to asume we really understand all molecules that can affect us, and with that the dosage levels

So with food, we can replicate the main vitamins in a tomato, but a lot of the side compunds will still be missing, about we do not know what they do, bc we dont know them.

What i will be working towards is a doh, if you write it like that

Like the thing bread is made out of

There is such a variety in those, and i feel like its the base line thing to get a whole world of cooking into motion

For that i need one that fits my personal requirements, like i dont want to work with joghurt, its hard to store

The most basic one is salt, water, flour

But that one rarely bakes good and fluffy

I will have to research what that can be used for and its variability

So we add yeast or baking powder to make it fluffyer, but we can also substitute with sugar,

So that gives us 2 kinds, a sweet one and a salty one,

So 2 main strains, which we can build out of

I will have to do a lot more research i find, this is such a complex topic

Back to basics

I got my strains

Bread, meat, cheese

And additionally fruit

Meat and cheese you usually buy, or kill

So my main point of opperation will be bread for now

Also its the small things

Like a onion makes a huge difference in taste, so small side ingredients are counted as a bonus, which can be added to the main strains, but does not have to be added

Doing it in this way, i get a deep understanding of what i am doing, bc i am working my way up from the bottom, i get all the options of working with dough, which i can the apply to all kinds of recepies

On the technical side there seem to be

Dipping it into something

Rolling it

Eating it as it is

Stacking it

I feel like my main goal will be to get a dough which i can make in the pan, and eat as a snack, or dip into something

Also i like sugar, so i will probably do more of a salty one first, so i dont puke from overeating ~

I also need more fiber, i will have enough from collecting plants in spring, but till then i need to add that extra

Collecting plants is truly a lost art, its soo satisfying to know which plants heal your wounds and which will feed you

The shamanic tradition was that theses kind of kids, and you can see who they are, like look at me, would leave the tribe and kinda wander off into the forrest and kill animals with their teeth

We sadly lost that tradition, but if you want like a base line geneticly superior strategy for your kid surviving in every situation, like thats defenetly it, they will not fit into the tribe, thats for certain, but they can kinda survive without it

So thats the shamanic model, where these ppl just chill with all their knowledge they collected themselves and the age old tradition of the other shamans teaching them, and kinda trade that for whatever they need from the culture

Like they are certainly in a good position, or were

Nowadays thats kinda shifted, but its still kinda the same principle, like money is the main trading vehicle, but the ppl with the knowledge, tools, etc is still the same group

Like its getting harder and harder to get me down from whatever i am doing

Give it the needed time, as with everything and it will be nearly impossible for most ppl to keep up

Like, i am building money routs leading to me

This feels like such a ego state rn

Just imagine all the beautiful things i can create with those recource trees fully grown^~^ which i can then trade back to the culture for money again in a endlesss cycle :p or to be percice more of a spiral