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Oki i am basically using a number as a db, bc i am too lazy for dbs


1 0 3

With the first number beeing the id and the las number beeing the threat level

So if this number goes +1 the threat level rises oposing for -1

This is simply done by

Lastnum = Num % 10

So its basically going threw the list of numbers and reads their states and displayes it

Last num 0 is open port / not connected yet

Added timestampes, so i can do a log file and let it go

Oh 100 was low 5 times this month, there is probably something wrong there

I need to connect it to the projection/prediction calculations, and let that change the threat level number based on that

But like i need to understand those first

Like i dont like databases, if i can just encode info into a number, and then decode the number again, it makes handling quite easy

Like its great if you wanna store usernames and pws, but like for logic things like this, i just like beeing able to math stuff

I need to get the actual number i want from the bookkeeping with the timeframe of a month, put the data into a file and run the predictions on that

Connect everything and make it look pretty and actually take a step back and see if its actually helpful at all or if i just missed my target