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Lets ruffle my feathers and shake all that sand out

I got some magic coins left, lets use them

I can feel the seals snapping back in, after the trip echoes in time

I am waay to carefull

I need to find ppl, but not just any ppl

Lets wipe everything and use better tools

I will find new friends, and from that it can triangulate the kind of person i am looking for via the social net of connectivity

Like this is using ppl for my own benefit to get something

But ppl usually dont mind

Bc like i tell them

Its a interesting tool

Its not evil if you tell the person that you are doing it, bc

You are not taking advantage of them behind their back, they know

And its their responsibility to make a decision, you have given them the information

Like thats whats meant with morally right

Its honesty based tools

They work incredibly well if you are honest

The social signifier of you are doing something wrong,

Is there to tell you

You are actually doing something wrong, you can just tell ppl and it will work the same

I said this before

“Morals/beeing a good person “

Is the flag, the label, the arrow, the pointer

To the best tools the previous generations have left us

Like, thats a litteral description, not a rule

Ppl always get this theachher student mentally from school somehow,

But like, its not abstract knowledge

//I mean it is too

Someone put that there,

And they left marks on the wall, where you can find stuff and how to use it