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This will take a bit longer than expected, but its not really a problem like the proof of comcept has been done and the growth is not linerly, so this should be fun ^~^

I am kinda happy i cant do it like i am about to get like 1000 views, which was my goal, and i am like nonono, that was too fast, i cant manage that so early, like i want more time, so i am kinda happy^~^ also email feature, thx^~^

Tomorrow i do a bit of small stuff, make a bit of money, and lots of chilling ^~^

Thats like my main income source, with the side branches




Crypto longs

Crypto shorts

Crypto shorting longs

I should probably also get a index fund somewhere, but fiat money is always such a pain to deal with

I should also open comissions or ych or adoptables again ^~^

All of those are currently going in, but mot stable, besides crypto longs

Trades and yt is just time

Crypto is just me talking it slow to make good decisions

I will have a phase where i am not moving much, so costs for gas are none, there i can stack a bit

Like if all 6 streams are implemented, i will think about adding stream 7, but maybe i go down to 5 bc i am already doing too much and if i get to 4 i add another one^~^

Soo what can i kill easily?

The shorting longs, i can do tomorrow or i will throw them in the trash

The shorts will be a pain, if the shorting longs work, i will put the shorts on the shelf

Trade 2 i can hopefully soon automate a bit~and i noticed my planing is overlapping, this will end bad~this is my worry child

Trade 1, i will make a flowchart so i dont have to think and templates to just have everything done easily

And thats how you make yourself more work~ cant i simplify that?

Oki, yt is free

Trade will get simple templates and simple overviews

Crypto will be done tomorrow or its on the shelf

By that i got





Trade1 and main are the main income

Trade2 is extra for stability

Yt is also stability

Crypto is also stability

My main focus is thereby on

Main and trade 1

There i create templates for trade1

Stable = in>out

If main == stable;

%%%print(‘main stable^~^ ‘)

%%%make templates and flowchart/overview for t1

If t1 == stable;

%%% print(‘main and t1 stable^~^ ‘)

%%%get drugs

%%%stabalize t2

%%% If T2 == stable;

%%%%%% print(‘main, t1 and t2 stable^~^’)

%%%%%%get lots and lots of drugs

If yt == true,

blow that money on a furry convention without regrets

If that is all done, my female self gets a bunch of running business, and a portfolio and i get a drug and fluff fuled out in blissful mania, sounds good

I would like to give her something which gives purpose too, like a charity or something, like yt is a good thing for that, but maybe 1 thing just speading good vibes^~^

Finally i will be dead, i have been living for waay too long, its time that i finally go^~^

She can go, have a family, live with drugs and diapers or explore the whole world, whatever she desires ^~^

If i read this in the future, i feel you and i know, dont worry, all good, have fun, i paid already ^~^ love you dearly <3

You will always be protected, never forget the other side


~man i am doing some strange alchemy beyond the boundarys of time:p