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Drunken thesis on the redistribution of economics terrain by the socio economic peer group dynamics and its implications on the general structure of the mundane plane

So i was just eating out with my dad and my sis that i love soo muchiii, and like she brings me clothes all the time, which is soooo nice of her and i love her

I really am bad at alcohol, like i had 1 mixed beer and the appetiser spirit

Like that was hours ago

I did not drink for like 1 year, and before that, like no party drinking, just rose whine and gin,,, fuck i am gay:p

So basically if i am drunk i also get cute, and cuddly, and like clumsy, and like its soo much fun^~^

But like i am bad at it i will ouke like really quickly ~

So if i am drunk, i am going into girl, i dont think there is any going back at this point, like, i changed my body language, like i would flirt with the server if i had the opportunity ~ like come on, that sounds like a straight guy, like defenetly

And like my dad, i like my dad, like i am a crazy child to have, like he is so accepting, and like i am kinda impressed by it, but like also

Less likes pwease

I liky liky like not that like much like not