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I had a dream, i baked someone a cake in like letters and painted their face happily

For some reason they didnt like it and got angry at me

I took half of the cake and put it in the trash, took the rest with me to eat

Stole their car and bank card, turned off my phone

Set up a gas canister in the backseat, wired it to the ignition, i first thaugt about like the old method of like the match under the mat, but decided against it,

Turned on my phone copied the numbers i need, called them and threw the phone in the car and left

Odd dream, but at least the cake was good^~^

Like that sounds like a great bratty revenge, but like its clear i am guilty, also flour in the vents would have been enough :p

There must be a more sneaky way of doing that, where you can’t trace it back, but it smells like me, but you cant prove it

Something like dripping corosive fluids nativ to the car on the brake lines

But thats too out of control, i couldnt time that, like what if i am in the car at that moment

Maybe i am too focused on the car..