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Like girls often notice that i can play that game, and they also notice that i am not a beginner, so they are really curious to play

I would like to play, and it would be fun, but i am half blind, like without the hormones i cant really see as much in that space as my tools are good for, like i have the male tools of war and destruction, i can just step onto the whole playing field and tilt it towards me

But like thats not the game we both want to play

So they are kinda left wondering, bc they see me using tools and doing things in that playground, but other times beeing totally unaware of it, like i see that too, its odd, i agree

I set things really strategically, bc i dont have the intuitive quick execution tools girls have, and kinda trip in and out of that plane now and again

Like there are other planes than that one, so i kinda trip between multiple planes, doing a bit here, a bit there

Also like i have some quick tools, but i cant use them as quick tools

Like girls, i know that space, but i will play defensively, till i can use all my tools, then we can play, still i like to be there in general, great vibe

I will not give it a public name but you get me