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Did i mention

When doing this trans stuff, like surgically

Like i will have to dildo myself, but

Its a fresh wound with the sensitivity you would expect

Its to like stop the wound from healing together

Like that will hurt like a b

Especially bc its dragged out over a long time frame and repeated

But i just realised, i can probably take 1 of those app controlled eggs hack it, and just leave it in there, like clean it, but you get my idea

And then basically, like for waking up, set a script, to automatically start that at waking up time etc

Like that will be some kinky fun

Like its sounds bad and it is, but

Ppl implant magnets in their hands

I get to choose the design of my body parts

Thats not too bad of a deal

Like gimme 10 more years and i will be able to do some really cool body mods, like leds are getting smaller and smaller^~^

Like i am literally growing new body parts, i am a lizard already :p