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I really like to see how i do all this social media stuff, like i am doing what i believe to be right without too much fear

I speak what i deem true in a manner i can stand behind

And i make honest mistakes and decisions

I feel like a good upright girl

Like i walk casually threw cursed topics, but like i do that, so its a part of me and even in those topics i like to see how i act, so take my time, think threw it and come to multifaceted decisions. Like i cant just ignore a hard landscape, i will look at it, and speak what i think without fear of judgement

I am so proud of myself for that, like that will probably get me in some trouble sometime, but i know that i acted like i would like myself to act, so i cand stand behind my words, and if i did a error, i can correct that honestly

I like how i develop ^~^ i am happy about my choices ^w^

I think its less that i want to make money, or be self sufficient /employed, its more that i always want to have the choice and freedom to make decisions and do actions/not do them, that i can truly stand behind and make me feel like i am movin into the right direction for me, no matter the rules or expectations

Thats soo much more valuable for me, to know i have acted in a way that is true to me and represents all i believe in with every fiber of my beeing, and if something is not as it should be, i can clearly see that and its not hidden in social rules i can hide behind, so i can change it as i see it and go”i did that, that was not good, i change that”

I dont remember who said it “doing something wrong and not learning from it is the definition of a mistake” i think thats where its at, just that wrong is not a moral rule to avide by, its the whole complex of where you dont want to see yourself/the entirety of yourself including metaphysical go, and while doing that having humility on yourself and not beeing a tyrant, like, yes you did something wrong, but now you learned something, shaming yourself wint help anyone, like just be kind to yourself and you will actually have fun improving bc its not something you have to do bc someone says so, its bc its your life and you get and see the benefits of it in your life playing out, so you can also anticipate that after doing it for the next time, so you build some momentum ^~^