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Coins and casinos

Found it, so basically i need to trade eth for bnb and cake, if i get it right :Dd

Like i still need to understand it

The idea is to throw 1 into a bunch of shitcoins, hope they pump and dump, get it out at the top, profit, repeat

Or i buy at random

Like there is no way to know what a coin is doing, besides obvious PaDs

So statistics is your friend, if you put 1 into 10 coins, and 1 of them makes 10+, you cash out, with gass fees a bit more, and you can let 1 remain in there for fun.

So if 1 wins out of 10 and is over 10, you profit

There will of course be a wiggle, but generally like that, just know your bottom line, whenever you gamble!! So you can analyse if you are on a bear or bull Market

Eg u generally going down, or up,

like the average curve of the wiggles calculated into a line

If you on bull, meaning up, that is looking good, do it more, if bear, do something else

I will trow 10 x 1s into some random icos and see how my average line looks, from there i can think again what i will do

Disclaimer, this is not investing, i have positions for investment, this is high risk gambling!!

If you have long term investments, you can take a SMALL portion of the profits from that and randomly gamble with them, in a CALCULATED AND CALM manner

These apps are made to be like casinos, they will hit you with dopamin notifications all the time, turn off the notifications, stick to your plan, dont try to move fast, the currents will eat you alive!

Dont throw in more money than you set before you started, this is not your lucky day, i promise <3

If they, dont let you disable them, block it in the android settings

Like, i get a faster puls, just looking at eth charts, and i dont have much invested there, like even at all time chart view,

Like when you look at it going up and down over years, meaning long, i have no idea what that market is doing

Like it fell a lot so you should buy, as its generally bullish, but i dont trust that, i need to watch that for a year and then i can say if its interesting at all,

btw dont trust me i am also guessing, u responsible for your owm decisions

I am betting on these icos beeing a scam, and as the public learns more, these will be less accessible, but as long as these scams are running i should be able to profit by having good timing

Like its the perfect scenario, someone is doing something illegal, and i can profit from it, without encriminating myself, hopfeully, if this scam is still bullish, i am a bit late to the party~

If i am lucky, i can even set a autosell on my out amounts

Like why bet on something beeing done in a legal way, if you know its probably a scam, i just bet on it beeing done illegally

And if its done legally, like i dont loose bc of that

Like i bet on monero bc its where ppl wash their money.

this is not a currency backed by a company, so its non exitent to investors, this is a currency backed by rich ppl avoiding taxes, and criminals washing their money.

How likely is it that those enterprises will go on? Well.. How likely is it that ppl wash their money and avoid taxes;)

As soon as the public learns about it, it will go up, i cash out, and it will die and be replaced by something else

This is a general trend, as soon as the public gets it, its flooded with attention and is basically dead for ppl like me.

But i am betting on it dying, if it doesn’t, like i dont loose, its still good technology,

Actually i am betting on Bitcoin having a image problem bc it will get taxed to hell

How likely is it that the Gouverment will tax the shit out of something? Hihi u know 😉

The technically best alternative, which allows you to directly convert btc to it, without exchanges, so no Gouverment taxes;) via atomic swaps, is xmr

I am watching the Gouverments tax btc more and more with pleasure, and at some point, there will be a breaking point where ppl leave btc and hopefully take the easiest rout, which is xmr

There may be a array of market constilations possibly happening, but i bet it will center in on xmr,

Like the illegal ppl know that, the hackers and miners are all lurking with their stacks of illegal money, they keep in monero anyways, waiting for this to happen

Like generally ppl want to sell you something, the word spread with xmr is “dont buy it, its too unstable”

May be true, still, if i got a lot of ppl saying BUY HERE and 1 saying DONT BUY HERE, then i get interested

Like if most fail or are scams, then thats what i am looking for.

the pattern thats not like most, will be the one with value

Well bc its litterally not like the others,

Like the pattern of scam is identified,

So the pattern for value must be the irregular pattern thats not that

Like its simple logic of finding x

If you got 100 %

There will be A. = scams

And there will be B. = value

Given is that 90% of that are A.

->Find what the remaing 10% are.


If 90% = A. Of 100%

And the only other option is B.

Then 100 Total – 90% A. = 10% B.

So the 10% remaining are B.

Meaning value

Or at least thats my best guess^~^