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Cheap cooking

I think i figured out cheap cooking, the secret is to fill things with sawdust, not literally :p

Like use cereal and those cheap wheat flakes

I basically roasted some smoked meat pices with some nuts

Added the flakes after the meat was looking good

Then i put the cheese cubes ontop, to let them get heated indirectly

Mixed it and marinated the cubes with the flakes by doing that

Added 2 eggs, mixed, baked it on both sides, pushing the edges a bit down, putting big nuts into the middle

It can probably be done in a more aesthetic way, but it tastes good, like it has some crunch, a meat taste, is filling af and has whatever cheese does, a bit of sugar and chocolate from the cereal

I did not add any spices but i am sure this can be made to be really amazing

And like cheese, meat, eggs, the flakes, a nut mix, cereals, thats easy to come by

You can kinda vary the flake amount depending on budget, i really like it^~^