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Life can be so easy


Should be working

Not pretty, but should run all of the files against each other

I need to change the naming, so i dont just overwrite files, but should be working

I just took the file list thing, and copy pasted it ontop of itself

So for each item in the list it runs all in second list, does next item, runs all, next etc etv

Hidden files to the rescue

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The whiteboards are really gold

So i looked at how long it took me to sell this first test batch, calculated the selling rate per day

And then took the amount i need to feel secure, just linearly

And then back calculated the selling rate per day which i would need to be at that point, confined by a month timeframe

If my calculations are correct, i need to sell 1 more tab per day

At my current rate, it would take me about

6.6 months to get there inventory wise

Like 1 is the amount of inventory, and how long it takes me to there

And the other is how much of that stock i can sell

I need this as a program so i can see if i am over or under what i need..

Didnt i already write that? :p

I meed to check if thats the same

Meaning i need to sell 35,7 tabs more per month with the online shop to half that time to 3.3 months

Thats 11.9 beginner purchases

Or 3.57 group purchases

So 12 or 4

Meaning i need about 10 convoluted purchases on the shop per month

So if i have for each 2 steps a ctr of 2% (click through rate)

To sell 10 tabs i need 2000 views on the front page, and 20000 views on the ad

That would be a shop efficency of

2% of 100 max efficiency are 2

2% of 2% are 0.02%

So depending on the range and the ctrs

I can either adjust 1 of the 2 to get where i want, as soon as i got Marketing traffic at all

The question is where warm traffic for this could reside


So if my other calculations are correct, i need to find a job in the next 6 days to have the whole cluster of

Car, moving, general income towards timeframe of web shop stability

work out well

Well then, i know what to do


Like you could take out money from the shop earlier, but it makes sense, to scale it to a sustainable level, and then do that

Like it will grow a lot quicker with the feedback loop completely intact

If you are at a comfortable level, growth is always great, but also not dependent on the loop, like you can take out a bit of growth potential for the future, and still be comfortable at a slower paste


Like thats what math is, thats why you were taught that.

You can literally math your life

Like i think ppl get math, but they never got the usecase for it

Like why am i calculating apples for a farmer?

That works if you are trying to explain math to a farmer, but like most students are not farmers anymore

Its that moment for the person themselves when they realise,

Wait i wrote some numbers, adjusted what they told me, and now my life changed as predicted

Like life is odd, but thats not maths fault, thats you not having all the data, and you can adjust for that

Like thats pure magic

What else can i do with this?

Thats when you start liking math,

bc you find a new formula or algorithm and its not just numbers, its a tool which changes reality for you

Then you go

Oooooh science

Ppl go, magic is just science we dont understand

But overlook that this means in reverse that science is magic

Actually what is meant is spelled “magik” with a “k” in englisch, if you are referring to the working thing

Letters are just numbers, and words are algebra formulas your brain processes to make colors. Atoms are just pixels..