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Oki, so i am getting like the last parts of the car, like it was done

But like a customer of my dad came by looking for him,

And like he has the same car but is probably selling it, so i was like, if you need some parts etc etc

And he was like, i replaced that, we were in front of the car where the motor was

And that part cost me like 300 to replace

So i am now obviously like

Yeah, lets get those parts out before i trash it

I am still trying to get like the filter

I removed the holder thing, but like its quite tight on there, so.. Well see

Like i always was around customers and like talking to suppliers calling since i was young, bc like they were all looking for my dad, so like if a customer shows up, thats like normal

Like my dad seriously needs a calendar, like i gave him some, my aunt is always giving him some

But like he is not using them~

Like if he is only 10% as lost as me, thats quite running after stuff, especially without a calendar

Like i have like 3 calendars