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Business adopts

I mean if i want it, i should just make it into business to buy adopts i like, give them a interesting backstory make some art and resell them for a higher price, bc bigger tangible value for customer and i have the skills already, and a market, the platform is still growing, but good adopts spread quickly, i just have to really focus on creating real value and making them really good, like going 20%overboard, lets see,

So even if i get like a 2x that should be more than a lot of businesses have, but like gastronomy has 4x buying price, but they also have a lot of spending, 2x should be a goal, that i would be happy with,.. Well it depends on how good i make them, if i need months for 1 character, that should go into price, but i also have to think of how the market views the value and whats arround me

Like story is most of the sales price, and a lot of adopts lack a good story so there is a clear oppertunity for me there, lets just hope i am not shit at writing storys for that audience, but we’ll see, i think it will go great^~^

Add to that, that i can make art of the sona and increase its value by that, is like great^~^