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Btw i am like sorting stuff

I will give a update sometime

Basically thats middle bag, to carry

Long range wifi antenna


Change of clothes

Playing cards

Pictures with the cat++ is the storage and utility bag and like tools and meds

Small handbag can basically perform a small opperation, treat a gunshot woond etc etc med, screwdrivers, knives, sewing, pens, electirical tools, general fine mechanical tools, girl beauty stuff etcc

Big business thing is clothing

And i found my timer

So basically

Small bag can do a lot, basically for recon

Middle bag has weight constraints, but basically bigger items

Big bag should at the end be able to take out a citys infrastructure

Everything is bagged water safe and organised

Like all still in work

Middle bag has its own bag inside of it, if i should have to transport something bigger

Basically, i should be able to do anything anywhere

Its a good position to be able to help the ppl you like and ~ not the ppl you dont

So thats what i am equipping for^~^

Most stuff is missing in the pics, bc its in the smallest bag, of which i have made no content pics

I still need like bump keys, wire cutters etc etc, need to find my lock picks, clipboard, reflector west, premade laminated cards on lanyards, clipboard, my city infrastructure keys etcetc

Like i wonder where i put those ~

And like standard keys for common file cabinets etc