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If you were to grow canabis, which i am not doing, i dont need another project, like i am trying to get less rn, but you theoretically could

I mean make it a bit more wide^~^

Btw i will make the 3d prining files some time in the future after testing is done

Btw how this business works is

You open source the project, publish the print files

Dont have a 3d printer?

No worries, you can also buy my 3d printed parts

Dont want to source the electronic parts yourself?

No worries, we got a set for you to buy

Just wanna assemble the thing?

Set, buy

Its a great system, bc ppl can do their own versions, and sell those

You kinda get this self developing eco system

Where you can sit there like

Ohh thats cool, i never thought of that

You are leaving space for other ppl to make money

And with my coin stuff, it still raises my value, in a payable way