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Bout the plants

Btw did i mention

Another perk of having a base system like that, is that if you have children, you can clone it and basically refactor your costs

Meaning give a child a shelf with plants to care for, lable it learning about values ir something and basically

Lower your costs

Like let the child feed itself for most parts

Like it makes having children less annoying

Make every child its own cycle of recourse generation and call it teaching them to be self sufficient

Best case, you have a property where you can give them their own little tiny house,

Like it can be next to yours and like you can have a common area

Like beeing a good state, providing a library etc

Making them cover most of their costs themselves, giving you enough alone time, but still allowing for together time

Like you can just give them their space and have them come if they want to

Like ppl build houses and design them like prisons, where they can see everyone leaving etc, like obviously that social climate will be hard to manage

Like have them powered by solar panels, like give them the stuff, but leave high usage cases to them to adjust their own systems, lowering your costs and teaching them important stuff

Like they can obviously use your recourses if they want to, but like also give the option for them to do it themselves

Like if their system gets too heavy for them to manage, they should be able to just hide with your stuff

U want to use a high end gaming pc? Lets see if you can figure out how to get what you want

Like if you do that from little, they should have no issues with that

And like you get the most competent kids around

Also like if every kid is partly holding its own weight, you can increase numver of kids, without that much recourse backlash

But like thats the best case where you have plenty of recourses