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Bout my training routine

So i basically set it up to be chill enough for me to keep doing it

And its specified to transgender stuff

Base layer is just walking, like cardio, lung stuff, getting outside

I like to be outside in the middle of the night

Like no one is bothering me, you meet random stoners

Like you need that with smoking

Then stretching, just randomly, like bodily flexibility transfers to mental flexibility

Some workout leg stuff i can do whithout even getting out of bed

Like you lift your legs and stuff,

I have more, if i get more ambitious, like there is like this crab walk, which just sounded fun,

Like there is also just plank stuff which trains a lot of muscles at once, and i wont have to remove my blanket^~^

Like, ppl take working out soo seriously, like if i have something i do repeatedly, i am happy

Like i still get where i want slowly

Like a hard af routine will just not survive

Its all leg stuff, bc like transgender, body shape stuff

Like basically some yoga stuff i can do in bed

Like thats my stuff

Get my workout done without even getting out of bed

Like i am lazy, but i need to get my workout done, so i do something, which fits my lifestyle ^~^