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I am thinking about the baloon

Like the biggest challenge is where do i build it, i either need a property or i do it near the sea and park it in there

I thaught about using individal premade parts and assembling them, so i can store them in a garage, but that will not solve my problem

The other thing is fuel, like i am kinda set on woodgas, its found everywhere, but i got worries about the weight of having a wood gas machin on board

If i have a small metal chamber, that would be enough, but i also need to store all that fuel

I will need to construct the burner and the refueling machanism first, and then i can swiftly assemble the rest and get it off the ground

I will need a small metal barrel, piping, a bigger barrel to contain the smaller one, a angle grinder, somewhere to store all that and a gas canister

That would be fuel done, then the burner will be a bent pipe with holes and a valve, thats not a issue

And a big fan to get the baloon up in the first place

With these 3 in place there is just the question of how much that weighs

Probably around 500kg,the fuel canisters will be the most heavy

I need to make sure the fire does not burn threw the ground of the barrel

So the main concern is

Where do i build that, a garage would be enough for the burner etc, but i need more space anyways..

I will work out the details, get some scematics for the mechanics going and then do something else

I already have a industrial barrel, so i only need a smaller barrel and the pipes