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Ayy money

And i am stupid,

I have been so focused on digital exploits

Like you can certainly use biological assets

Like the corona virus to take out a company

But like corona is too short lived

Also the infrastructure is too distributed for that ~

But good thaught, maybe there is more i have not been seeing ^~^

Like bellum romanum, means i can basically use the same tools as a gouverment agency, but i also need to be as smart and invisible

Like bombs for example are a great social hassle, and like their impact is quite minimal

Like even a atom bomb, has like a danger zone of like 100km radius if i remember correctly, and bout 10-30 km instant death

Like for their usecases, thats not as much as expected~

Not talking about all the attention you get

Also like i have maybe possibly a specific infrastructure, so you may hit everything besides them

Maybe its easier to go after some suppliers…

This will certainly be a great addition to the fictional story i am writing 🙂