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I would like some sona art on packaging

The same effect as abu with their stuff, like their design is incredibly good, but i kinda want my own version

Like furrys have this great marketing tool of personification at their disposal

It gives your brand character

Btw bout furrys, its easier to understand if you look at like

Disney did all the cute family cartoons

Furrys are a bit the child of the people that also used adult themes in their comic art

Its the idea that everything drawn is for kids, which it clashes with

Look at what crumb did, and you get a good idea

Its tthe morality of play that is big

Like you remember the reports back in the day on spice

“it looks colourful and like for children, but its dangerous”

Th issue is not the danger, the issue, is it beeing labled wrong

The ppublic likes things to be marked correctly

I am obviously someome that was trained by a structure which uses cute and appealing styles

So without this big warning on the backside, i would be running into the same issue, as i apply cute cartoon characters to the front

May i present, probably the brand mascot for the lsd^~^

Bc llike, sex sells