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+Apartment angst

I am in the apartment, since a week or so it makes me anxious and uncomfortable

I want to be in my car, its like beeing in the mouth of a dead dragon, the smell of a lost love, and the missing out on new love bc of your feelings for your ex

Maybe its, probably its me beeing sensitive, but in the car i dont feel the social structure of the ppl arround me, like its finally calm, synaesthesia can be so troubling sometimes

Like i its cool to feel every small change in the change of the social structure arround you. But i also want calm, i cant focus like that, just let me go and travel please, i dont want to be hear, i mean i am happy for the warm room and running water but its not worth feeling all those meta levels of ppl interaction, and the group levels of group consciousness, all their insecurity, hate and fear, but also happiness… I removed the seals…

Shit, i know what this is, i had this problem, so i make a circle of seals in glossolalia arround my apartment, and i removed it while cleaning, and that is when i started to get overwhelming info again.

Glossolalia is basically a language, but not

When babys babble, they dont speak no language, they speak all at the same time.

And they loose language to speak English

Thats what glossolalia is, language that is meaning, without the loss

Is it real? Idk but it works for me and thats important, even if its a placebo, which i dont think, i took ayahuasca and suddenly stated singing in a language without even noticing it, which does not exist.

Make of that what you want, i will not try to justify that

I dont know how i got the idea, but i just knew it was the thing to do, and it worked, the a4 is basically the center piece connecting the others into this circle that, from what i have seen creates a kind of barrier, its beyond me how exactly it works, but i see it in 3d overlayed in glowing yellow with a view of the general area its in, in dark purple

It feels like a old tool, i just have with me, and i intuitively know how to use it and i have a interface for it, and it works, like what should i say about that, i cant prove that in any rational way. Will it work for someone else? I have no clue:D

I guess you first have to figure out glossolalia.. Might be a tool i braught back from ayahuasca.. Interesting idea

I guess if you look at the center piece, you can kinda see how the barrier looks viewd from the top, but its waay more impressive in 3d and color

A idea would be

As a group of computers together is called a network

So is a group of ppl together called a overego/unconcious/morphogenetic field/intuition/fate/subconscious

So then this is basically a firewall

And following the analogy,

Computers you code in code

Reality you code by writing, like

Litteral writing, and stacking, and rearranging/combining things in a certain way

Like you would try to hack a game, by doing a certain exploit someone found out on YouTube, by doing a certain action at a certain place

The easiest sentence would be “why dont u use it to make money then? “

It seems that such defensive tools are readily available, but harder tools have kind of a password lock

The furthest i got with ayahuasca was rewriting chilhood structures, which is not overego of the group

I think mckenna said it, “if there is anything stronger than dmt, i dont want to know about it”

Dmt is hard stuff, like thats fear unimaginable levels of it, left me with ptsd for a while, the first time i did it, i would start shaking even thinking about it

But was it worth it?

I mean i am rewriting reality in a language that does not exist

Thats exactly the kind of tool that makes dmt worth it, its the unspeakable sacrifices, that give you unspeakable possibilities

This is so far outside of what is main culturally done, that i at some point stoped trying to explain why those tools work, and just used them, like if something works, it just works, there is no doubt, you dont need to question a hammer, you just hit the nail and its in there, whats there to question :p its the mark of a tool, that it works, no matter if you analyse it to death or not