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And thats a

Solar powered grow box

Like the pannel is 5v and the lights are 12v, so..

I need to make a system to lower them down, but like..

Its working ^~^

Still need to make it pretty and like need dirt, but like

Power is the biggest expense on a plant system, so if you can get that like this

To reiterate, its about having the right light spectra the whole year around

And like in general having a environment, you have full control over

Like this one is for spices and stuff, like you could grow those just on like the window, but like its great for testing stuff

Like its almost done, spices, potatoes, mushrooms, and then salad

First 3 are all growing, besides spices

Get salad going, and optimise for quantity

Put it all into a shelf

Get your basic food without leaving the house

Like you can still go out for like milk, eggs, meat if you like, but like it feels more comfortable to me, to just have the stuff just growing

Like it makes beeing broke and starving quite hard, if we go a social level up

Like if u use a business lense

What problem are we solving?

Beeing broke and starving seems like a good one to solve