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Algorithm training progress

Training the algorithm makes good progress, i would say, i got lik 35% furry and 65% random youtube main things within like 3 hours.

Now this is only quantity, not quality, youtubes new shorts format really helped, but it also lade me realise that a lot of furry content actually comes from tik tok nowadays.

I have tried it a while back, its super easy and fun, i might get back into it, i mean fursuit are a great adapion to a digital environment.

In a age where attention is currency, beeing a bright colored animal, is a advantage.

Also i can probably use short videos on tik tok, to make longer videos on yt, and the opposite way, use stream to cut out videos for yt.. I will need more battery banks:Dd

Those cheap ones are actually those solar batterys which number name i always forget,

But i think i salvaged smaller once from some solar things, gotta look at them..

Those are smaller ones, but they should work for the beginning ~

i got a bunch of those, if they still work~, i could probably connect those, add a usb cable and extend my existing battery bank by.. If the cheap one has 2500,lets say its 2 of the batteries, 5000-7500mah, so, 2-3 loading cycles or i just buy one for 30 with like 5-6 cycles ,with as heavy use as i am planning, making me have to use my phone strategically, or i need to a small solar pannels, which in winter are basically useless, but whatever, in summer, things progress over time anyways, so if i can load them say

Should work to get at least.. My phone has 3320 mah battery, to its 1 additional load, to the other power bank i have, so that should extend my usage to leys say 1,5 liads, without solar, or car loading, and without overhead

So if i load my phone, i load my batterys, then that should give me 2 days, with wiggle room of full phone usage, thats actually, not bad, not concidering, super power saver and tactical usage

If not, i buy one for 10-30¥, but that does not require me to explore things:D

80% in 1 day at 15000mah,including loading from the car while driving, and i use 2-3 cycles, that should give me a buffer of 1 full day, with really exremly heavy use, which i will not do most do most days..

I mean if i have it, i am probably gonna use it, but i shouldnt get stuch just chilling and watching shit, but i guess i made chilling and watching shit my job:p

What i mean is, the creation should be prioritised over, chilling

Still, everything i like gives me content, but i would see that more as me using by product from doing my research and chilling, and funneling it via pipeline, into my business

Like, i spend the time there anyways, why not automatically convert it into output, i can still apply filters, if my output gets too astray in in a cloud of diversity,

But i am also just taping the first of my fields

I got the furry field which is basically compatible with everything, to that i add the transgender field, and the travel field, the philosophy field, the drug/psychedelic field, and the little field

The structure i setup in the furry domain, will be applicable to all other areas, and they will cross refference each other well

I forgot the art field

The more i reroute and outomate my system, the more force i bring with me, and that force is amplified by the cross-referencing of target groups

The furry area, is my love are for testing things, is where i got my first business experience, actually doing business, a market without contracts or rules, it was perfect to learn economics in a way that was not as convoluted with regultions sewing it and making everything hard, thats also why i support xmr, its that i have seen, that such markets can exist, and they actually bring groups together, bc you need the group, to know who is doing shitty business

I am so curious how i will evolve, like i watch myself with the biggest interest, like whats she up to now again, thats scary and kinda crazy confusingly odd but also kinda beautiful, i am intrigued

I wonder where that will end:Dd but surely wouldnt want to watch anyone else

My ex once said, “your will be really rich, or really broke, i cant tell yet”

And i agree, its a genetic high risk, high reward strategy, and i am as curious as anyone watching me UwU, like idfk i am just doing what i am, not doing it is not healthy, and will certainly end in broke, so lets see where it goes^~^

I dont remember who said it, but

if you have to choose between 2 oppertunitys, choose the one that makes the better story

And what can i say, good advice till now:p