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I dug out some adopts i made, and i will make them better and give them a life and sell them on ig

I thaught about selling on the website, but for once 1 dont… I will sell them at 60% off if you pay in monero, for that i dont need to have them on the website, but i am thinking about using the webseite to easily handle the non monero customers, like it will be automatically delivered and i can focus on the ppl i actually want

Lenera Starfall Storm

Offine Elster Storm

First they need names, so lets use the ai

Lets look at some backstorys

Starfall gets a cyber age

Elster gets a magical phantasy realm

The heros journey starts at a low point

Starfall is working a maintenance job aboard a spaceship, crawling trew shafts and things, like a dirty and lost environment

Cta will be that something is broken in the ship somewhere, indicated by subtle hints, and no one besides 1 old guy believes it, but hes too old to do it, so char goes on adventure

Elster is living in a dirty backally, as magical creatures are catched and exploited/ taken apart like bloody, hunted by a oppressive Gouverment, with daily living beeing a struggle

Cta will be a little child, a white rabbit with yellow markings finding out and accedentally telling someone, making her have to go out and explore for the mystical place where creatures like she live, which the little girl told her about

For both o need a flashy image for instagram, a storry telling picture= poster like wide format, a ref sheet, and 1 movie poster character pose high format

Those are 4 images per char,

1 e book with the story

1 small info sheet with random facts like species and height

1 profile icon as bonus